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What’s inside the Special Forty?

Our 40th anniversary speaker might look simple, but there’s some serious tech lurking inside… Appearances can be deceptive. We’ll forgive you (for the next couple of paragraphs, anyway) for thinking the new Special Forty is as simple on the inside…
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Special Forty review on cnet

Steve Guttenberg from cnet reviews Special Forty anniversary speakers. Read selected quotes from his review below. “Tonally, the Special Forty is smooth and easy, but as I continued to listen it was the speakers’ clarity and resolution that made the…
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Special Forty review in Darko

The Special Forty anniversary speaker impresses Darko for their sound and appearance in his review titled: “Beautiful furniture that sings: Dynaudio’s Special Forty.” We have selected our favourite quotes from the well-written review below. “The Special Forty’s 2.8cm soft dome…
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