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excite x14

Excite X14

MSRP $ 1299 Ultra-compact but undeniably high-end: The Excite X14 brings an extraordinary level of sophistication and re nement to the compact loudspeaker category. The X14 is the most compact Excite model, yet delivers true high-end sound quality to any system by virtue of its long-excursion mid/woofer, re ned soft dome tweeter and rst-class crossover […]

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excite x14

Excite X14 A

MSRP $ 1,999 The new Excite X14A is the ideal active loud- speaker speaker for smart, modern audio systems. All one needs is to connect a volume-controlled audio source. The X14A utilizes a bi-amped con guration to achieve the best result: One 50 watt digital ampli er powers the bass/midrange driver while a second 50 […]

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excite x18

Excite X18

MSRP $ 1799 The Excite X18 is a relatively compact bookshelf loudspeaker with a substantial sound and formi- dable power, continuing the longstanding Dynaudio tradition of excellent compact loudspeaker designs. Positioned above the revered X14 model, the new, larger X18 excels with great dynamic range, extend- ing deeper in the bass while delivering an expansive […]

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exite 24

Excite X24 Center

MSRP $ 849.00/ea Design: 2-way Acoustic Suspension Center Channel Speaker Drivers: 1 x 1.1” PTD Tweeter, 2 x 4.3” Mid/Woofers Crossover: 1st Order at 1800 Hz MFR: 55 Hz – 23 kHz (± 3 dB) Sensitivity: 84 dB (2.83 V/1m) Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms Recommended Amplifier Power: At Least 150 Watts Dimensions: 5.7″ H x […]

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Excite X34

MSRP $ 2,799 Slim line design that fascinates with a distinguished presentation: The Excite X34 is an elegant, high end, oor standing loudspeaker, whose sheer sonic output and incredibly three-dimensional soundstage belies its modest dimensions. The X34 is a particularly discreet loudspeaker, measuring less than 95 cm tall and only 17 cm wide, but its […]

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excite x38

Excite X38

Msrp $ 3,899 More sound volume, more detail, more high-end: The Excite X38 achieves a deep, powerful and vibrant sound quality, even in larger spaces. The Excite X38 utilizes two 18 cm diameter woofers featuring characteristic Dynaudio driver techno- logies, including: lightweight but rigid MSP cone membranes, extraordinarily large 75 mm diameter aluminium voice coils […]

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Ecxite X44

MSRP $ 5,499 Balance, nesse, power and control: the X44 is the new agship model of the Excite range. Two newly developed 20 cm Esotec+ woofers with exception- ally powerful magnets deliver extreme power and superior bass extension. Along with the large X44 cabinet volume, a very deep (-27 Hz), authoritative, yet accurate bass response […]

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emit m10

Dynaudio Emit M10

MSRP $ 799 The Dynaudio Emit M10 The M10 is the most compact model of the new Emit range and the perfect entry to the world of high-end audio. The Dynaudio Emit M10 offers authentic Dynaudio technology and performance at a most attractive price point. It features a 28 mm diameter soft dome tweeter and […]

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Emit M 15C

  MSRP $ 699/ea The Dynaudio Emit M15 C center channel loudspeaker o ers a combination of compact dimensions, making it relatively easy to position, and the same advanced Dynaudio technologies incorporated into the new Emit series models. Thus extremely re ned multichannel systems can be con gured from various combinations of Dynaudio Emit series […]

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Emit M20

MSRP $ 999 The Dynaudio Emit M20 continues the long established Dynaudio tradition of exceptional compact loudspeaker models. Boasting the neutrality, transparency, detail, and dynamics a orded by renowned Dynaudio technologies such as high performance soft dome tweeters, MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) mid/bass drivers, and large diameter lightweight aluminium voice coils, the M20 delivers serious […]

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